Marching Band FAQ

Skyline Marching Band Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child takes the bus and I do not have a way of getting them to school for A hour rehearsals. Is there another way for them to get to school?
A: No problem! Chances are another band student lives in your area and can give your child a ride to school in the mornings. We are happy to coordinate a carpool for your child.

Q: My child plays sports, is it possible for them to be in marching band and sports at the same time?
A: Absolutely! The only sports that conflict with Marching Band are Varsity Football, Cross Country, and some Swim events. All other sports on campus do not meet at the times Marching Band does. If there is a conflict with another sport, Mrs. Howard will work closely with your coach.

Q: Does my child have to be in concert band and marching band at the same time?
A: There is no requirement for students to be in concert and marching band, however most students chose to be a part of both ensembles and it is highly recommended. The ensembles do not conflict with each other, and are at different times of the day. Students can still have a 3rd elective class while taking both band classes since marching band is before school.

Q: How much time outside of school is required of Marching Band students?
A: Students will rehearse Tuesday nights from 6-9pm on the Varsity field. In addition they will have a 1 hour sectional after school once a week. Football games are on Fridays, and competitions are on Saturdays in October and early November.

Q:Do you have to audition for Marching Band?
A: The only auditions that may take place are for percussion instruments and color guard. These auditions are for placement only, and no student is turned away from participating in the band due to skill level.

Q:Can I take AP courses and Marching Band at the same time?
A: Yes! Many of our band students take and are very successful in AP courses. The key is time management. Stay on top of your studies, and ask for help when needed-your band family is here to help!

Q: What is the cost of Marching Band?
A: The total cost of our Marching Band fee changes from year to year, depending on how much our students fundraise throughout the year to offset costs. Band fees covers uniform, shoes, music, staff, transportation, registration fees for competitions, instrument upkeep and equipment, and more. We have one of the lowest marching band fees around, and never turn away a student who has trouble paying. We will work with you to provide fundraising opportunities, and payment plans are available for students in need.

Q: Does my child earn PE credit for Marching Band?

A: Yes! Students currently earn a quarter credit per semester, so if they take marching band all four years of high school they are excused from taking a PE class.

Q: Can my child earn service learning hours in marching band?
A: Absolutely! Our marching band prides itself on serving our community, and these hours spent can be counted as service learning hours.